Welcome to Ananse’s workshop!

I am your host and creative writing guru Ananse the Writer or @AnanseTheWriter on twitter. Most of my followers know me from previous creative writing courses and workshops. This blog is a companion teaching tool to my course, Write Now: A Creative Writing Workshop. I use it to demonstrate how easy it can be to plug into the digital world as a writer.

This workshop was built to serve as a supportive community for aspiring writers and is a place where they can develop their skills through the exchange of ideas. Am I a wizard with powers to make you a Keats or Morrison overnight? No, but I can teach you how to blow past your inhibitions about writing and put your talent to good use.

All are welcome to follow along with the writing exercises and prompts.  Online classes are coming soon and I will let you know as soon as they are up. Pingbacks are enabled here, so use them. Thank you for checking out Ananse’s Workshop.


Ananse the Writer