Motivational Speeches for the Damned

Dante's InfernoVia Daily Prompt: Denial

“Listen…stop your wailing and listen! You are in hell, believe me, I know. You are suffering and in desperate need of respite, but let me tell you something. You can either stay here or resign yourself to the filth and the fire and…whatever is keeping you here or you can start believing in a higher power. I know this power – it is why I am here and why I will leave this place. I’m talking about something that has been around since the beginning of time as you all know it. I’m talking about the power of ME. That’s right… me.  You might be wondering, “if I am the reason I am here, then how can I be the reason I leave?” I am here to tell you that I have a message from on high. Stop. Being. Negative. Embrace the power of ME! If you got yourself here then YOU and only YOU have the power to get yourself out. Hell is a state of mind and Heaven is within reach. With the power of ME we can claw my way there one inch at a time!”