Missy Kills

The following piece was written by me using the Botnik Voicebox keyboard for remixing language based on a mashup lyrics sources from Missy Elliot song lyrics. This a great tool for getting past writer’s block. Check it out at botnik.org

Brrah everybody drop. Brrah everybody drop like that shit might dong. Let timmy regulate this shit like its all gone wrong. Brrah everybody drop. Everybody drop. Come hard, cum quick like uh uh uh huh? Whatcha gon show. How ya gon grow? Brrah everybody drop make em wanna battle like bots. Go crazy shoot them rocks. GO broke, don’t go home. make’em bounce like whoa. What dem gon show? Brrah everybody drop when it ain’t on collapse. pass out like gov christy doin laps. We gone need some base. We gone need some base. bad teeth get up in your face. better know ya place. Brrah everybody drop like whoa that bitch on fire. Dj gettin shook like he wearing a wire. Bet your ass ain’t know my rhymes give em chills. Brrah your ass ain’t know missy kills.