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Word Prompt: Tide

For her,  facing the world each day was like being in small shack colored in hues of black and white and having to lean against a door to keep an ocean of vibrant colors at bay. It was safer for everyone else if she was successful in the effort. No one could ever accuse her of being an attention-seeker or get offended. Work and relationships made more sense with little variation between good, bad, right, and wrong. She had  few friends and a pleasant demeanor – to a certain point. Her life hinged on a simple string of code she had written for herself, “Stop doing it if it doesn’t work. Start, if you know its right.  Trust means taking a calculated risk against the odds of a negative outcome. Right is a term describing your relative position to a norm. Go.” This code held things in balance and gave her strength to push back against the reds, blues and yellows that often bled in through the cracks. Today, she hadn’t felt the need to press so hard on account of the ocean receding taking all of it’s colors with it. Sometimes it did that but she still kept to the code and pressed harder against what might be coming next. What always came next was a distant rumbling that intensified into roaring gales, shaking, and then total darkness. Another day would be the reward for her efforts. Sorting out right, bad, good, and wrong would take time but she would manage it. She would mitigate the negative effects of the attention she had drawn and apologize to those she offended. Today, she decided to step back and enjoy the peace that came with letting go.