The Little Things

He cut his hair. For a month I played coy with him not wanting to be to forward. I spent weeks trying to ascertain his intentions from smiles, looks, and casual conversations while still trying to be cool. But when he cut his hair I was left exposed. Stealing glances, speaking softly, and being extra polite. He noticed me noticing him. I even caught him stealing a few glances back. It was such a stupid thing really. One small detail cracked my defenses and brought the whole facade tumbling down. The last time I saw him, we were at work preparing to part ways for our respective days off. I wanted to tell him how nice he looked. He lingered a while longer than he usually did and I pretended not to notice. As he headed for the door we both called out “goodbye” to one another. I planned on complimenting him when he came back but never got the chance.