Wrecked: Found Poetry


found poem


Definition of found poem

a poem consisting of words found in a nonpoetic context (such as a product label) and usually broken into lines that convey a verse rhythm

I like a good story, 
Tell me who you are, what you want, and how you need...
I know you. Elegantly wrapt in modernity, blues then greys, 
A hint of cherry peeking out from your sea of blue,
Smelling of Burberry shrouded in steel,
Impenetrable, unimpeachable, vulnerable, 
Found wanting from behind a reposed veneer of refinement.
You are marooned on a sea of your blues,
Thirsty for something to scratch that crimson ich hidden behind your greys.
Long are the days and even longer still the cool evenings,
When the city lights are alive and at their brightest,
Illuminating all of my gold and glitter hiding all of my blues and greys,
Behind a high fence guarding a garden flush with cherry blossoms.
You know me. Wrapt in a cloak of evanescence, black then white,
A hint of grey casting a pall over my white, swallowed by my black,
Smelling of Fiore, girded in iron,
Unavailable, impregnable, vulnerable,
Found wanting with shields hung low and gates wide open,
Rapt by the scent of Burberry, 
A searchlight on your sea of blues pinging into your depths,
Hoping to salvage the wreck, a mangled mess of steel and refinement.
Tell me the story. Show me what you want, how you need...
Make it good so we don't forget.