Spring 18′ In-class Final Assignment

  For the final section of our spring workshop, my students and I explored the topic of creative technical writing. We defined what technical writing is, how it is used and identified examples of it in our everyday lives. Consequentially, we also discussed examples of ineffective technical writing, see “How Ikea Instructions Could Go from … Continue reading Spring 18′ In-class Final Assignment


Where Do They Get It From?

Ever wonder where some of your favorite works of "street lit" got their inspiration for sex, violence, and tragedy from? This summer we'll revisit some the Bard's most famous works. To sign up click here http://stlcc.edu/CE

Registration for Summer Urban Literature Class

This course is for aspiring urban fiction or “street lit” writers looking to hone their storytelling skills. We will explore the key themes of the genre that make for compelling and engaging storytelling. Learn how to develop narratives about life in the big cities which address, gender, violence, social politics. We will discuss representations of … Continue reading Registration for Summer Urban Literature Class


The Little Things He cut his hair. For a month I played coy with him not wanting to be to forward. I spent weeks trying to ascertain his intentions from smiles, looks, and casual conversations while still trying to be cool. But when he cut his hair I was left exposed. Stealing glances, speaking softly, … Continue reading Him


Stock Images Remixed by DeBuggy Word Prompt: Tide For her,  facing the world each day was like being in small shack colored in hues of black and white and having to lean against a door to keep an ocean of vibrant colors at bay. It was safer for everyone else if she was successful in … Continue reading Go.

Water Yourself.

This piece was created with Botnik's Voicebox Keyboard and is a mashup of words and phrases from beauty ads. The same ginseng today you want wetter for yourself. New huggies ultrasoft with wings and conditioner is clinically proven to visibly reduce oiliness. Natural detoxifier reduces benefits for people. Now there’s new dove essential vitamins used … Continue reading Water Yourself.

Missy Kills

The following piece was written by me using the Botnik Voicebox keyboard for remixing language based on a mashup lyrics sources from Missy Elliot song lyrics. This a great tool for getting past writer's block. Check it out at botnik.org Brrah everybody drop. Brrah everybody drop like that shit might dong. Let timmy regulate this … Continue reading Missy Kills

Motivational Speeches for the Damned

Via Daily Prompt: Denial "Listen...stop your wailing and listen! You are in hell, believe me, I know. You are suffering and in desperate need of respite, but let me tell you something. You can either stay here or resign yourself to the filth and the fire and...whatever is keeping you here or you can start … Continue reading Motivational Speeches for the Damned

Showdown in Sobie’s Gorge

Running. It is hard enough to do when you're an athlete at the top of his game, competing in a marathon, and running across smooth terrain as winds back and forth testing your resolve. When you're a fifty-year-old fugitive stumbling over rocks and trudging through shallow streams in nothing but a pair of bright orange … Continue reading Showdown in Sobie’s Gorge