Writing Prompt: H.M.S. Erebus

You are a crew member of the H.M.S. Erebus which is frozen in an ice trap along the Northern Passage. The captain is dead and half the crew want to leave the ship to search for food. The others do not. What do you do? Want more prompts like this? Join the Write Now Creative … Continue reading Writing Prompt: H.M.S. Erebus


Motivational Speeches for the Damned

Via Daily Prompt: Denial "Listen...stop your wailing and listen! You are in hell, believe me, I know. You are suffering and in desperate need of respite, but let me tell you something. You can either stay here or resign yourself to the filth and the fire and...whatever is keeping you here or you can start … Continue reading Motivational Speeches for the Damned

Showdown in Sobie’s Gorge

Running. It is hard enough to do when you're an athlete at the top of his game, competing in a marathon, and running across smooth terrain as winds back and forth testing your resolve. When you're a fifty-year-old fugitive stumbling over rocks and trudging through shallow streams in nothing but a pair of bright orange … Continue reading Showdown in Sobie’s Gorge